Apple Pie Oats

When I first started cooking, this was one of the first things I learned how to make. I was around 15 years old, we’d just moved back from Canada, and I was on a complete health kick. Previously, I’d relied on toaster waffles, pop tarts, or muffins for breakfast (ah the metabolism of a young… Continue reading Apple Pie Oats

Basic Chocolate Oats

This is probably my favourite version of oats there is. Because…chocolate. Am I right? Who doesn’t want to have chocolate for breakfast? Bonus if it’s good for you! And these oats are. Using raw cacao just ups the nutritional content tenfold – it’s packed with flavanoids that have been proven to have an antioxidant effect… Continue reading Basic Chocolate Oats

Golden Turmeric Oats

I was hiiiighly sceptical of these oats when I saw them making the rounds on Instagram. But it was lockdown, and I was like “hey, anything goes now. Let’s try it.” And I did and it’s amazing and this is now my favourite way to eat oats, especially in the winter when you really want… Continue reading Golden Turmeric Oats