Who to follow

There is an insane amount of people talking about plant-based lifestyles right now,

and it can be hard to distinguish between who’s bullshitting you and who’s actually there to properly inform (and also entertain). So I’ve made a list of chefs, cooks, dietitians, doctors, and influencers that I love and whose opinion and advice I value.

I have only linked their Instagram handles here since, let’s be honest, we all get most of our info from there anyway. You can navigate to their respective websites from there if you wish.

South Africa

  • The Green Dietitian – Jessica gives excellent science-based information about a vegan diet and how to go about transitioning, what products to buy, and how to cook easy meals.
  • Cape Town Vegan – I’ve never met Garth but love him so much. He’s super honest, isn’t scared to voice his opinion, and is such a laugh. He also has one of the most in-depth websites about where to eat vegan food in Cape Town and surrounds.
  • Keri Bainborough – a real gem of a human with an incredible soul. She’s a beautiful writer and her Instagram captions are lovely to read. Her food is delicious and she has a cookbook!! She also gives great advice on raising a vegan toddler for the mamas out there.
  • Talya Goldberg – love her whole vibe. She’s outspoken, well-read, and true to herself. Loves coffee and will always give her honest opinion on the vegan milks launching here, there, and everywhere. She also has an excellent account called Vegan Friendly Cape Town which showcases vegan-friendly restaurants.
  • 24Karrots aka Anda Mtshemla – one of my favourite new found discoveries on Instagram. Anda has a heart of gold and just keeps it real. Her food is approachable and delicious, and she constantly shares cool vegan products and restaurants.
  • Mira Weiner – Mira has become a virtual friend and someone I cannot wait to meet in real life. She constantly cooks the most delicious looking allergen friendly, wholesome plant-based meals that are so inspiring. She just launched her new website with recipes so hop over to check it out!
  • The Honest Grazer – Linda has such a beautiful Instagram account, her food photos make me drool. Great recipes and a great source of inspiration!


  • The First Mess – probably my favourite blogger and plant-based recipe developer on the planet. Laura’s recipes are incredible, focussed on whole foods, and so full of flavour. She really knows what she’s doing and puts her heart and soul into each recipe. I can highly, highly recommend cooking her food and following her. She also posts frequently about her super cute dogs lying in front of the fireplace which is a nice bonus 🙂
  • Deliciously Ella – the QUEEN. I don’t really need to say much more. Haha. Ella is such a huge source of inspiration for me. Her recipes focus on whole-foods and are ridiculously easy and simple but tasty too. All of her cookbooks are winners and I can highly recommend them. Her app is also a WONDERFUL resource to download and literally costs under R20 per month for incredible nutritious plant-based recipes, exercise videos, meditations, and a new wellness tracker. Insanely affordable and incredible value. Highly highly highly recommend it.
  • Erin Ireland – Erin inspired me to do Instagram Stories cooking videos. Except she does it so much better, and currently with a tiny baby strapped to her chest. Her account has some great info on animal rights too.
  • Oh She Glows – Angela is one of the OG vegan bloggers out there. Her food is simple but so so tasty and her recipes ALWAYS WORK!
  • Jessie May Snyder – I love her account and the food she makes. Super simple and super clean. I always come back to her account when I want to reset and eat beautiful, bountiful bowls of plants.
  • Elsa’s Wholesome Life – I love her account and her vibe. Some lifestyle focussed content but her food is such a winner. Real whole-food plant-based goodness. If you want to make a nacho cheese sauce out of potatoes and carrots, then this is your girl (totally speaking my language!).
  • School Night Vegan – if you want to literally drool on your phone, then follow Richard. His food is crazyyyy good and focussed on excellent taste. Showing you that vegan food can be just as indulgent, moreish, and delicious as non-vegan food.
  • The Gut Health MD – Dr Will Bulsiewicz. Incredible resources and information on how to keep your gut healthy. He is a huge believer in eating a diverse, plant-based diet for optimal health and explains all the medical info in such a way that anyone can understand it. He’s been on the Plant Proof Podcast a couple of times and he’s so great to listen to.
  • Nutrition Facts.org – an amazing resource for anything you want to find out about a plant-based diet and nutrition. Constantly updated with the newest published articles.